Photography and contemporary art

Exposition at “Casa Canvas”

My work in a innovative space home

CASA CANVAS hosts objects and ideas with a strong aesthetic and functional value.

“The apartment is located on the ground floor of an eighteenth century villa in the heart of Brianza, one of the meccas of Italian craftsmanship, just half an hour from Milan. This charming historic residence is enriched by one of the few gardens in the Italian still existing and its nostalgic past has inspired us to make our home a modern platform for art and design.We have transformed our home into an innovative space, together with a design studio and gallery, where it is possible to admire and buy every object of art and design. “

HOURS: Tuesdays to Fridays from 10 am-5pm.
Piazza S.Martino 1, Carate brianza


Thayse Viégas

Maurizio Bergo

Riguardo a Chiara

Avatar photoChiara Gini, 1991, nasce a Vinci (FI) dove vive e lavora.
Inizia il suo percorso artistico come autodidatta, prediligendo nella sua ricerca la fotografia analogica, e la sperimentazione di tecniche e stampa.

Dal 2012 ha esposto in fiere, mostre nazionali e internazionali, e i suoi lavori sono stati pubblicati su magazine e libri. Tra le ultime mostre : 2019 “Other Identity”, palazzo Ducale Genova. 2018 “Condizione” Elephant panàme, Parigi – a cura di Roberto Baciocchi

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