Photography and contemporary art

Photography, variable dimensions

“Renewal, rebirth, regeneration.
referring to the renewal-transformation of the individual or the cosmos to which the concept of the Eternal Return is connected, where the course of events in the world, having completed its cycle, returns to itself, in an indefinite series of identical repetitions. “

The countryside welcomes me day by day in a sense of immobile eternity where everything is at peace with its natural condition that changes only in the slow succession of the seasons.
However, on winter mornings the fields are covered with a damp and surreal veil where the landscape acquires a new nature for a few hours and then returns to its original state.

This fictitious condition allows me to create new dimensions and live in a real visual illusion that gradually fades.
The landscape becomes a theater that transforms its “eternal stillness” into a parallel universe where I can give life to my inner worlds, escaping from reality while always remaining in the same place. Using the moment of this precarious situation, the landscape becomes a non-place – another real place only in that instant.

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