Photography and contemporary art


Installation –
dirt, audio

A path that moves within time, “because we are what we have been” and it is only in our past that we can find ourselves.
Magazzini di memoria, arises from the concept of “free associations” used by Freud in psychoanalysis to evoke repressed emotions and sensations that reside in the unconscious.

I readjusted this mechanism starting from the concept of Memory / past, connecting you without thinking everything that came to mind so as not to act consciously and rage on the result.

So digging into my past, what remains are sounds, noises, sensations, voices, phrases and short scenes of everyday life that I have tried to reproduce as closely as possible to the originals by bringing those same moments to life with the use of a tape recorder, and whenever possible with the voices and phrases of the people of my memory.

The result is a warehouse of images that are formed from these fleeting conversations that little by little are lost making room for others in that organized chaos we call memory.

Thus, the ground that we have been treading on for millennia where the past, present and future of every existence is enclosed, remains and returns to the place of memory, where step by step another instant comes to life and where memories fade but return like a dirge.

  • The project involves filling an entire room with soil, placing the audio inside, becoming the place of memory itself.

move inside the rooms totally in the dark (only a few faint points of light) crossing the places of memory. The absence of light and direct contact with the soil will allow everyone to create their own images linked to the connections and sensations given by the audio.

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In the image, the installation in small dimensions, at ART VERONA 2014

by stArtproject

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